Worldcore ranked as #1 Fintech company from CZ

Worldcore has been ranked as Number One Fintech company from Czech Republic by Scalable Capital, FCA regulated investment company from United Kingdom. More information available here

Worldcore is preparing bright updates for this summer including flexible affiliate program for advertisers and introducers of all levels, new payment options for account top-up, merchant accounts for e-commerce and blog that will become an informative fintech media with juicy content and news from the industry.

Worldcore, a Czech Republic-based fintech company, has been recognized for its innovative financial solutions. This company offers a broad range of payment services, including access to bank payments, e-currency transactions, and prepaid debit cards, catering to both individual and business needs. With a focus on flexibility and comprehensive payment solutions, Worldcore aims to serve a diverse clientele within the European Union.

The company has established itself in the fintech sector by incorporating advanced technologies like biometric voice authentication, further distinguishing its services in the competitive market. Worldcore’s approach integrates these technologies to provide secure and convenient payment options, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.