Internet money transfer online

Worldcore online payment account completely simplifies your transactions

Get paid from your employer with bank wire, load any Visa/MasterCard/UnionPay credit or debit card, make payments online, withdraw your e-currency to Worldcore prepaid debit card, pay your bills or buy goods – Worldcore makes it possible!

Worldcore individual account is a multifunctional financial instrument for individuals that turns managing your payments into pleasure and works as easy and quick as possible.

Right after verification any account holder has an access to all financial services offered by Worldcore. Get paid with bank wire directly to your Worldcore account, apply for Worldcore prepaid debit card to convert your available balance into cash, make international money transfer online, purchase or withdraw any of supported e-currencies to any bank account, Worldcore prepaid debit card or any other Visa/MasterCard/UnionPay credit or debit card, send multi-currency bank transfers for goods and services – all these actions take just a few seconds at Worldcore. Furthermore, all payments between Worldcore account holders are free of charge and instant.

Easy to understand, beneficial for personal finance

Worldcore service works 24 hours a day and has a simple and convenient interface, a large set of helping materials and high-skilled customer service. All you need to get started is to open a free Worldcore Individual account with just a few clicks and pass the verification of your identity to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) requirements.

Approval is guaranteed within 48 hours since we receive identity proof and residential address proof from Individual account holder.

A close look at the protection of each account in the system

Worldcore account security designed in such way that all outgoing payments require additional one-time code authorization that can be completed by SMS or by e-mail. We strongly recommend to use free SMS authorization option for better security. The system is running on a secure encrypted https connection that makes using Worldcore service safe and comfortable. If you are just getting started with Worldcore service, just open a free Individual account and start enjoying one of the widest range of financial services among international payment systems offered by Worldcore right away!

A 360 degree panorama of Worldcore opportunities

  • Accept bank payments for your job or goods to bank details provided by Worldcore;
  • Buy, sell or pay for any services or goods from Worldcore account balance;
  • Load Worldcore account with any of supported e-currencies and withdraw funds in US Dollars or Euros to any bank account or any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay in the world at very low fees;
  • Make free internal payments to any Worldcore account holder;
  • Purchase any of supported e-currencies from your Worldcore account balance;
  • Order any number of Worldcore prepaid debit cards to turn your account balance into cash at millions of ATMs worldwide with just a few clicks.