Global payments – International wire transfer

Global payments with same-day approval

Managing your business, you may often wonder, what if different financial flows could converge into a single service and diverge in new directions around the world. Many online and offline businesses served by Worldcore, today enjoy the comforts of financial services, which combines:

  • ease and convenience of online payment systems;
  • quick access to global payments;
  • security that inspires rather than complicating the finance management.

Worldcore global payment service makes sending and receiving local and international wire transfers available to any business without limitation but in compliance with international regulations. Switch your financial flows to Worldcore and enjoy a wide range of financial services – send and receive multi-currency bank payments worldwide, convert Worldcore balance into cash with prepaid debit card issued by Worldcore or to any of accepted e-currencies, issue prepaid debit cards for your clients and employees, send money transfers to any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay credit and debit cards in the world and much more is now possible in one platform offered by Worldcore.

Worldcore is an automated financial instrument ready to process all your payments around the clock. All incoming payments are credited to internal USD or EUR account balance. Payments between Worldcore account holders are free of charge.

Personal page with your wiring instructions

There is no need to understand the mechanisms of API integration and to use programmers if you start managing bank payments through Worldcore.

Just get bank details in your Worldcore account area , copy the link and make it available to all your clients in automatic or manual mode.

  • Incoming payments are identified by information indicated in details of payment reference that is unique for each Worldcore account holder;
  • Each Worldcore customer may request separate bank details for his payments;
  • Received payments are credited to your Worldcore account balance immediately upon receipt.

How to accept bank transfers through Worldcore?

  • Step 1: Create an Account with Worldcore;
  • Step 2: Complete easy verification process that is required to verify identity of the client and company details to comply with AML/KYC requirements. Same day approval guaranteed for all corporate account holders;
  • Step 3: Visit “Load account” section of your account area to get wiring instructions for accepting bank payments.

Daily or monthly transaction volume is not limited. Worldcore payment solution provides businesses with quick access to bank & e-currency payments, prepaid debit cards and Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay payouts and it’s popularity is growing everyday.

Financial SPA for your business

Payment services offered by Worldcore completely simplify financial management of any online and offline business.

All you need is just a basic documents package for the company and applicant, the person who will manage Worldcore account to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) international requirements.

Worldcore is an ideal solution for cross-border payments and global payouts to bank accounts, e-currencies and credit/debit cards at very low fees.

The information on this page is outdated and not valid anymore.