10 Wonderful Things You Can Purchase with Bitcoin

purchase with bitcoin

Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has transcended its role as a mere asset for investment to become a viable medium of exchange for a diverse array of goods and services worldwide. As businesses from various sectors jump on the digital currency bandwagon, the opportunities to use Bitcoin for everyday and luxury purchases are expanding. Here’s a … Read more

The future of ATMs: what should we expect?


What is the point of further using ATMs, especially in a payments environment that many say is becoming increasingly less reliant on cash? We answer that question in this article by first acknowledging that there are myths in payments — lots of myths. Take, for example, the myth that millennials are forsaking cash. Another, even … Read more

Payment aggregators explained: do you need one?

payment aggregator

Making business online or launching an Internet-based store for ecommerce purposes requires dedicated financial solutions for accepting and processing payments made by the customers. Payment gateways, payment service providers and acquiring banks are just some of the categories to select from when starting an ecommerce company. Meantime, many merchants prefer partnering with payment aggregators, as … Read more

Worldcore – National Winner of CE Startup Awards!

The company becomes National Winner in “Best Fintech Startup” nomination of Central Europe Startup Awards 2017. Our team is happy to win the second award for last year 3 days before the launch of presale phase of ICO campaign which is scheduled for October 2, 16.00 UTC +3 timezone. ICO official website is https://worldcore.com Worldcore … Read more

Most Cashless Nations of the World


While the global level of cash payments still remain very high at the level of 85% of all consumer transactions, the world is steadily pacing towards cashless society concept. Banks providing check and card payment processing have long been in the forefront of cashless transactions with online and mobile payment systems successfully squeezed into the … Read more

Worldcore wins Best Fintech Newcomer 2016 Award

Worldcore wins “Best Fintech Newcomer” in “Best Bank 2016” Award by Business News Europe. This is a true pleasure for our team and strong motivation for further improvements and updates of our platform. Worldcore website is also translated to German and French languages for convenience of our German and French-speaking clients. Spanish and Polish language … Read more

Worldcore ranked as #1 Fintech company from CZ

Worldcore has been ranked as Number One Fintech company from Czech Republic by Scalable Capital, FCA regulated investment company from United Kingdom. More information available here Worldcore is preparing bright updates for this summer including flexible affiliate program for advertisers and introducers of all levels, new payment options for account top-up, merchant accounts for e-commerce … Read more